This Blog is about yoga, ayurveda, and my experience and exploration of both.  It is about beauty, life, love, soul searching, nourishing and discovery.  It is about gratitude for and appreciation of being here, now, present and alive.  It is about truth, honesty, acceptance and the liberating potential of all three.  It is about the yin and the yang, learning to embrace and value the shadows as much as the light.  It is about slowing down and taking time to experience the space between the breaths.  It is about honouring the uniqueness of every living thing and in the same breath celebrating our oneness.  It is about self love, universal love and everything in between.


If you like what you read, if you agree or disagree, if it resonates with you or indeed if you think it is a load of hippy nonsense, please comment, share your views.  I would be delighted to hear from you and to explore some of these themes together.





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