Baby steps….it’s a work in progress

Over the course of the last month I have been applying what I have been learning in my Ayurvedic studies to my particular health issues and circumstances and am pleased to report a seismic improvement in my energy levels and general mood.  This is good on so many levels, first and foremost of course, on the base level of just feeling much much better, having the energy to enjoy and play with my daughter.   Feeling my old lust for life slowly re-emerging.

We all take our health for granted and it is only when it is compromised that we really become conscious of how blessed we are when we are in full health.  I mean of course we all know it, but we don’t really think about it, we don’t really rejoice in it, we don’t really feel gratitude every day for it.   At least I didn’t.

One rather wonderful thing that has come from my recent health struggles is a greater appreciation for my health, a greater awareness of how easily it can be compromised and a conscious commitment to myself to change old patterns that have contributed to my health struggles.  To look after myself better because now…. I DON’T take my health for granted.  I am grateful everyday for the improvements I am feeling.  I am aware of how vulnerable I am and how fragile a thing my current wellness is.   I rejoice in small achievements that prior to this would never have been categorised as an achievement like taking my daughter to the playground on a Sunday after breakfast.

It is also of course wonderful to have personally experienced the benefits of Ayurveda.  I always had faith in its wisdom, it made sense to me but now I can personally endorse it.  I look forward to finishing my course, becoming a qualified Ayurvedic Practioner and using the gift of this knowledge to help others as I have been able to help myself.

I decided to put pen to paper today and write about this because I had a little relapse yesterday, a little nudge from my body saying ‘hello? Nanu Nanu….what are you playing at?… are not back to full health yet so don’t try to behave like you are because you have had a few good weeks, or you will end up right back in the black hole of exhaustion from which you have just emerged  AND in case you have so quickly forgotten what that was like….here is a little reminder!!’

It was a loud and clear reality check.  Remember the promises you made to yourself, to change your patterns?  Live that.  Don’t just say it.  Do it.  That’s easier said than done of course, the key is becoming aware of exactly what those patterns are because they are my default position, the way I have always lived my life, I do them automatically, but I am trying to tune in to become more aware of my own role and to listen to the wisdom my body is giving me.  To heed its advice rather than ignore it and push on through…… I say, baby steps.  Which is where I find myself today.

I got the message.  So I wanted to put this in writing and put it out there as a reminder to myself that good health and maintaining good health is a work in progress.  It requires constant care and attention.  It is a lifelong project, a lifelong commitment to respect the wisdom within, to listen to it, to be grateful for it and to honour it.

We can all benefit from taking a few minutes to stop and check in with ourselves.  So today, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths with me, scan your bodies, hearts and minds tune in to their messages and wisdom and give thanks for the blessing of good health and vitality.

Today my intention is to be super kind to myself.  To enjoy the sunshine on my face, and smell the flowers with my daughter after work on the way home from Kindergarden to feed the ducks, walk bare foot through the park, to take our time, to rip up the to do list and replace it with:

To do -slow down, appreciate your blessings, give yourself some love.

That’s it for today, until next time beautiful souls…..

Be kind to yourselves.





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