The Elusive Non-dreaming Mind…….

What do you believe dreams to be? What do you think they are? It is said that they are our subconscious selves, much more in touch with our own innate inner wisdom (perhaps because it is our own innate inner wisdom) than our conscious selves, trying to send a message to our waking self. Do you believe that? If that is the case, the message is often lost in translation because it is clear that our conscious self, let’s call that the I, and our sub-conscious self, let’s call that the Om! do not speak the same language. Not to say that they can never understand each other, but there are challenges!

So what do you believe nightmares to be?

You know how you mostly only remember those dreams from which you wake? The ones you are having when you suddenly realise that you are not asleep anymore, but you are also not awake? Your eyes are closed, you look like you are still asleep but you have just become aware that you have woken up, mid dream? Caught between two worlds, not fully awake, not asleep, not yet belonging to either state, floating somewhere in the ether between the two, not awake, but more alert and aware than ever, just observing? Does any of this sound familiar?

Those times when you feel a little like you understand both worlds, you are a participant as much as you are an observer, both, yet in the same breath neither, the ultimate observer if you like, observing both the observer and the participant. You can control your thoughts to an extent, but you don’t want to, you want to observe what enters when you don’t exercise control. You speak both languages…….

Have you experienced this?

….but then you wake up…….eh?..What was that all about? You remember the story, the pictures, the graphics, the people, even the feelings and even with all that information, you can’t work it out. What the **** was that all about? You can’t interpret it. You are not yet equipped to, but…………….., at least you got the message, you don’t understand it yet but you got the message. Those are the dreams you remember aren’t they? The ones you wake up still having?

Is that why nightmares are designed to wake us up? So that we get the message?

You know how they say, pay attention to what annoys you about someone else, as that can reveal your own shadows? That unacknowledged, unaccepted side of ourselves, the side we deny to anyone who will listen but mostly to ourselves, we can’t escape it. The more we deny it, the more it wants to be heard. It disguises itself, speaks to us through dreams, we don’t understand, it thinks we haven’t heard, it raises its voice to us in nightmares, we still don’t understand, it thinks we haven’t heard, it screams at us in the voice of someone else’s I. We hear it this time, but we don’t associate it with ourselves.

If we can learn to detach a little from our I, our definition of self, our illusion, and just observe the I, our thoughts without attachment, we are better able to hear and understand OM even without dreams, as clear as we hear it when it uses someone else’s I to communicate, but this time aware that it is part of us. The I and the OM are part of the same whole. If we can stop in the now, not looking back to the past, which is a form of dreaming, of past memories, remembering, and not project into the future, also a form of dreaming, but remove the illusions and live in the now, we don’t need to dream.

Have you ever read Osho’s book ‘The Path of Yoga’? In it he says that today we exist in lies. We cannot exist in the truth. We are constantly dreaming, whether awake or asleep, dreaming he says, is a necessity for us, a form of auto-deception. We waste our present for that which is not, this, he says, is what dreaming means.

Did you know that the word Yoga or Yog comes from the Sanskrit root yuj which means “to join” or “to yoke”. The ultimate aim of Yoga is one of self-development and self-realisation, the union of the self with the Supreme. It is a methodology to reveal the truth.

Osho says it is a means to come to a non-dreaming mind, to be in the here and now, to encounter reality as it is.

Yoga is not a religion, it is pure science. Mathematics of the inner being as Osho puts it. Religion requires belief, Yoga is not about believing, but rather experiencing. Yoga is not a philosophy, not something to think about, but rather something to embody, to Be. Here, now, present, united with OM, the seed of all creation.

So if it is pure mathematics, then there is an equation that you can follow surely, that will lead you to live in truth. To be present?

Yoga has many techniques to help us come to the non-dreaming mind, stay tuned and we can explore some of them together!!

Until the next time beautiful souls.

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